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Briar Meadows Creek HOA Neighborhood Meeting, Monday Nov. 9, 2015

Meeting was held at C&J BBQ.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

Bank balance is $ 8,291.00

Donna who works for Paul Leventis was here to collect past dues that had not been paid for 2015.  Paul Leventis spoke about TIRZ (on our tax bill).  He also spoke about the detention pond off of Debbie Dr., the walking trail sidewalk and the sidewalk extension and bridge going over to Camelot Park.  The city should have that done within the next year and the City of Bryan Parks Dept. will take over the maintenance of those areas.  He also spoke about the possibility of having some park benches and/or a gazebo near the walking trail.


Nominations were made for our new Board of Directors:

  • Ron Kipp-nominated by Ben Bohuslav
  • Peggy Bloomer-nominated by Larry Lawless
  • Frank Dworaczyk-nominated by R.C. Record
  • Barbara Bobo-nominated by Sue Hooker
  • Mike Sullivan-nominated by Anna Neff
  • Anna Neff-nominated by Frank Dworaczyk
  • Carl Maxson-nominated by Linda Sullivan


The following were elected to the board:

  • President-Frank Dworaczyk
  • Vice President-Carl Maxson
  • Secretary-Barbara Bobo
  • Treasurer-Anna Neff
  • Director-Ron Kipp


Paul Leventis, Frank Dworaczky and Wes Blizzard were appointed by the HOA board to serve on the ACC (architectural) committee.

Paul Leventis resigned his position as President of Briar Meadows Creek HOA effective Nov. 9, 2015

Carl Maxson moved to adjourn the meeting, it was adjourned at 8:25 PM.


Barbara Bobo, Secretary